Ranshuijsen Project development / project management
  • Draw up of requirements program
  • Draw up and supervision of investment budgets
  • Checking of reports
  • Draw up of planning and schedules
  • Recommendation of construction methods and use of material
  • Supervision and draw up of construction logistics plans
  • Attending of construction and work meetings
  • Purchase of employment (Subcontractors)
  • Independent inspection and specification of works at the clients location
  • Cost containment
  • Creating budgets regarding production cost/ sales (Calculation)
  • Making of quotes
  • Evaluation of subcontractors
  • Draw up of contracts and assignments
  • Making and keeping up of upward/downward contract variations
  • Supervision and checking of upward/downward contract variations
  • Quality control on the construction site
  • Certified according to VCA Security
  • Supervision of the state of progress of a construction project
  • Consultation of architect and client
  • Project development
  • Project support

Project development / management
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