Exclusive garden benches seating 8 to 12 people

Find warmth and cosines even in the shadow, or sit and eat outside even during a rain shower with the luxurious 8 to 12 seater garden bench. This garden bench gives you the opportunity to comfortably sit outside with your whole family. The color composition of the garden bench and the cushions is chosen in accordance with the clients wishes and always matches beautifully with the remaining garden furniture and garden design, making it a custom made product.
This large garden bench measures 320 by 340 cm and needs a minimum roof dimension of 12 m2 to fit nicely in your garden. Another advantage are the applied noiseless metal roof tiles (deliverable in color), which means no loud dripping on the roof during rain, so minimal noise nuisance. We can deliver the tabletop in a wood or natural stone version. This exclusive garden bench is constructed in the Netherlands and designed by Alain Ranshuijsen.

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